Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back! Elena has had a busy few weeks. She flew to Scotland and met the arrogant, sexy Scot, Faolan MacGailtry on the plane, and then was kidnapped by him an hour later. Insisting he was there to protect not hurt her, Faolan delivers Elena to her destination then kisses her senseless before disappearing into the night. A week later, Elena is attacked by four men, who make their plan to rape her very clear. Although she fought valiantly, her head slams into the side of her SUV and she loses consciousness, leaving her at the mercy of her attackers. The scene picks up with her alone in her room, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and no memory of how she got there or of who undressed her. As sound of footsteps approach...

The Six
There was nowhere to hide; they’d find her easily if she tried to escape through the window. She grabbed the fireplace poker and stood behind the door, ready to bring it down on whichever of them came in first. Heart pounding erratically in her chest, she stared in horrified fascination at the doorknob as it turned and the door slowly opened.


She’d never expected to hear that unforgettable voice anywhere again, but especially not in her own bedroom--she stepped out from behind the door, but she didn’t drop the poker. “What the hell are you doing here?” 
(edited for this format)

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  1. So, is that our sexy guy? Gotta know who it is. Hopefully you will continue next week. Great post, Laura.

  2. Great six, suspenseful and just who is the mystery person?

  3. Uh-oh...the next scene can't be Elena's favor- great six Laura

  4. Definitely felt like I was in the room with her! Great six this week!

  5. Great six, Laura. It's so sexy that she remembers his voice.

  6. Oooh...loved it!!! Awesome job!


  7. So hope fought the guys off and rescued her!

  8. Love that she's got enough fight in her to try and defend herself! Bet that unforgettable voice is our sexy scot!

  9. I want more! LOve it! Gotta have it.