Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The Set up
Katherine "KC" Carmichael inherits the Honey House, a Bed and Breakfast that decides who will and won't be staying. This scene is early in the book, set at a party in the courtyard of the Honey House to welcome KC. Sheriff Quinn shows up with a pretty, but bitchy blonde Susan on his arm, which doesn't exactly thrill KC, since she's not overly fond of cops. Susan is introduced to KC, and immediately insults her by saying she finds nicknames rather juvenile. Why is it some women can never resist a challenge?

The Six
I looked up innocently and said, “Poor Quinn, I’m sure she didn’t mean it about your nickname.” Then I dragged him to the fire pit, well out of Susan’s reach.

He was shaking when I let loose of his arm, and I looked up expecting to see fury all over his face. Instead, he was struggling to keep his face composed; it was laughter making those big shoulders shake. With his back to Susan, he grinned, the first genuine show of anything directed at me, other than supreme irritation. “Okay, round one to you, Ms. Carmichael."

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  1. I didn't expect him to laugh, so that caught me by surprise. :)

  2. Round one usually predicts the outcome of the fight. Love haggling heroines. :)

  3. The nerve of him, how dare he laugh. I'm rooting for KC to teach him and that blond bitch a lesson. A very nice SSS post - I liked it.

  4. Round One? Let's get ready to rumble! Good six.

  5. Great scene. I love a guy who can laugh at the situation he's in. The whole premise of this story is a winner.

  6. I agree...round one? Can't wait to see Round Two- great 6 Laura
    Dawne P

  7. Great post - makes me want to read more!!

  8. Great six Laura! Kinda freaked me out a bit though. Two days ago I was into a new m/m/m where the main character is named Quinten, shortened to Quinn, and his ex bitch girlfriend Suzy hated the nickname as she didn't like nicknames.
    I just showed my SO my WIP & read him your post after. Talk about mega coincidence! Creepy!

  9. Love it when characters laugh like he's laughing! Such fun!