Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Last week's Six Second Sunday received so many comments, I thought we should look at how that little scene plays out. If you remember, KC got the best of Susan in a little verbal sparring match. Now she's having second thoughts, because the man she walked away with is also the Sheriff. 

If there's one thing KC doesn't do-it's cops.

The Six:

“Susan isn’t known for her gentleness around other women; around other things, yes, around other women, not so much,” Quinn added with a throaty growl.

“Oh really…what types of other things?” I asked sweetly, as if I cared. I didn’t care if he wanted to boff some woman old enough to be his…okay, maybe not his mother, but surely, she was old enough to be his older sister—much older sister.

I didn’t even like the muscle-bound Sheriff; although looking at him in his dark gray slacks, and form-fitting jade sweater, I had to admit he did clean up well.

“Oh, you know,” he said, lowering his head conspiratorially, “the things that make a man feel—”

“Excuse me Sheriff, I see my date,” I said and walked toward Jason, leaving Quinn hunched over, whispering to where my ear had been an instant before.

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  1. It's not nice for a woman to walk off and leave a man with his tongue hanging out where her ear used to be. Laura, you are such a tease. I so hope Quinn or some other cowboy ropes Ms. KC and ties her down.

  2. I love women like your character, who stands up for herself.

  3. @LIsa...nope, no sale today, but they're not through with each other, yet.

    @Ben, all I can say is the Sheriff has more than earned that brush off.

    @Kelly, KC says she has a black belt in bad-ass!

    @Pable, KC grew up in a very hard way, and spent all of her teen years in a juvenile detention facility. She's pretty tough.