Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer's Hottest Hero

It's the Summer's Hottest Hero Contest!

I don't stand much of a chance of winning against the author I'm paired with, but I'm honored to be nominated. It's a wonderful opportunity for a new writer. I'd love to have your help to gather as many votes as possible, though. So here goes...

I need as many of you who are willing to vote for my hero, Michael Enwright, from Rescued.

To vote, you need to go to and register for the site.

There is no purchase involved at all, it's a retail site similar to Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, except books only.

Once you are registered, go to to log in a vote.

There are 18 pairs, and Michael Enwright is in the 8th pair down. The voting continues next with with the 8 remaining pairs. I don't know if I'll make it that far, because the author I'm paired with this week is well established with a big following, but I am just pleased to have even made the top 32!

I know it's not as easy as a one click (unless you're already registered with them) but it would mean a lot to me. Oh, and did I mention prizes? Yep, there is a drawing for voters.

Thanks for taking the time to vote for Michael Enwright!

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