Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The set up: Marcus is a Master at Domination. Max is his best friend and newest sub. Jolynne wants to learn to surrender her need to always be in control, but a recent traumatic event is interfering with her ability to let go of her fear. Marcus has a scene set up for the three of them to help Jo learn to trust again, but first, he needs to give her a little tough love when she balks at closing her eyes. 

Six Sentences:

“Close your eyes, for me, sweetheart,” Marcus said. “I’m putting a blindfold on you.”

With a gasp, she jerked her head back, and saw Marcus' eyes flare with heat. “Now hold on,” he said sternly as she started to protest. “This is my scene and you will obey me. I have given you two outs. You want to safe word? Fine, do it now, and I’ll take you to the living room, so Max and I can continue on our own. Otherwise, calm the fuck down and trust me.

Release Day

Look for Salvation on All Romance eBooks on July 10 at 12 noon and at other major retailers, including Amazon shortly afterwards. 

Bonus Six to Celebrate

“Please, M-Marcus. I need—” she broke off, unable to articulate all the feelings churning inside.

“Put on a condom, Max,” Marcus ordered. Both men withdrew from her and she whimpered at the loss of contact. Marcus laughed darkly, and flipped her over on to her knees, as if she were a rag doll. Max moved swiftly into place behind her, grabbed her hips, and rammed his cock home in one smooth stroke.

Sweet Jesus, let me come.


  1. Whoa! Short on foreplay, isn't he? (Oh, that's from the bonus six.

    Both were great!

    Congrats on today's release. Let me know when it gets to Amazon!


  2. Wow, NICE!

    Congrats on the release. Sounds HOT!

  3. Thanks, Lisa.

    Kally...they were already very much in the middle of things in the bonus six...just replace one digit with another, so to speak.

    Thanks, Rawiya!

  4. Nice, dominant and I loved it. Wanted to read more.

  5. He's certainly taking control. Calm the fuck down! LOL

  6. He knows what he wants! HOT xx

  7. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. It has been a crazy day. New release at noon and then an afternoon and evening of MLB All Star fun and games. And more tomorrow!

  8. Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Laura sweetie, you are on a roll, so just keep on rolling them right on out to us. I can just see you at your laptop just working away. You have had one heck of a weekend. I can feel it.

    Have fun at the MLB All Star games. I will slaving away at work. Many hugs, Sherry

  9. wowoww! Sounds supper hot!
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