Thursday, June 23, 2011


Check out the new cover for the next release in the Three's Allowed Series. Salvation will be available July 2 at several online retailers.

I want to thank the magnificent Dan Skinner for the wonderful image on the cover. As always, his work is stunning (He shot the image on the cover of Ty Hard, too.) Dan promised to come by the blog soon to answer those pressing questions we all want to know...okay, I especially want to know. Of course he was drinking at the time of his offer, so...

Any way, back on track and hugs to Dan. Thank you, dahling!

And most important, here's a link to see more of what Dan is up to. *Heat index for his site is off the charts!*
(Blogger was not putting in direct links this morning, so you may have to cut and archaic!)

Oh...and I almost forgot, here's the cover for Salvation!

Marcus and Max own Maximilian's, the hottest and most exclusive club in town. The only invitation harder to come by is to their ultra private BDSM club, After Hours. Max is the face of the club, Marcus, the silent partner. But when Max decides to offer a class on the Art of Domination, there's only one Master fit for the job: Marcus. And for the first time in all the years they've known each other, Max is ready to play Marcus' way, with no holds barred. Jolynn is at a crossroad in life. She has a terrific new job, but her lover left her, and she can't help feeling she needs something more in her personal life. When she finds an invitation to After Hours, she jumps at the chance, wondering if she has what it takes to play the Dom/sub game. By the time Jolynn realizes she knows the mysterious Master, it's already too late, she's under his spell. But would a true Master leave her bloody and beaten unconscious? Marcus believes someone deliberately lured Jolynn to the club to try to kill her, but will she trust him and Max enough to let them help her? Or will the killer find her first?


  1. Gorgeous cover and the story sounds fantastic!

  2. Love the cover! Sounds like an intriguing story!