Monday, June 20, 2011

More from Summer's Hottest Hero

Well, I did it. I had to pick one of the men to represent the book. Readers know that both Michael and Graeme each are strong characters, with honorable intentions who would do anything to protect those they love. Especially Lizzie.

It was painful, and I think I changed my mind a dozen times, but let me present the hero from Rescued who will compete for the title of Summer's Hottest Hero:

Hero's name: Michael Enwright

Profession: President and CEO, Enwright Security

Physical description: Michael is a powerful-looking man, with broad shoulders, muscled arms, and well-developed thighs. He often keeps his shoulder-length black hair tied back, revealing a face with strong features, a perfectly straight nose, full, kissable lips, and steely blue eyes.

Special skills: Michael cooks, gives full body massages, designed his own luxury home, and is an expert at installing security systems at remote cabins. A geek at heart, Michael made millions developing high-tech security solutions for global corporations and secret government agencies. He isn’t adverse to a little blackmail for the right reasons, and will use any of his personal or company resources, including the Secretary of Homeland Security, to rescue his lover from a sociopathic murderer and get him the care he needs.

Quote: “Seems to me, that if anyone gets kissed, it’s supposed to be the hero, and I believe that was me.”

That quote seemed to sum everything up nicely, don't you think?


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  2. LOL, let me try that again. Thanks Nancy. It was a hard choice, because Graeme is pretty damned heroic, too. Now off to compile the rest of what they need for the contest.

  3. Any man who can cook plus gives full body massages is a hero in my eyes!

  4. No kidding...especially if you throw in filthy rich and generous. Thanks for commenting!