Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

December 26, 2008 I woke up and knew I had to write a book. How? Because Elena MacFarland told me so! I'd never written anything before, but she whispered the idea of a four book series into my dreams, and I started writing that very morning. Today's Six comes from that first book, HIGHLAND SHIFT, and I'm thrilled to say it's my next release. Enjoy this little preview...

The Set Up

Elena has had a rough few months and is in London, waiting for a flight to Edinburgh on her way to start her new life. She gets a whiff of a man behind her in line and it sets off a fantasy of naked limbs and tangled sheets, but when she gets a look at his face? Holy show! Then she remembers why she hates beautiful men.

The Six

He stirred an ancient hunger deep within her belly, and lower still, as though she had a primal knowledge of his rock-hard body, steely arms, and crushing lips. 

Twenty feet apart and total strangers, Elena felt scorched by the heat that radiated between them. She extinguished the fire quickly as her mind filled with memories of another egotistical jerk who had oozed such an overload of self-confidence. Over the past few months, Elena MacFarland graduated from law school, became engaged, passed the bar exam, and landed her dream job. She’d also been dumped on her ass, fired, served with a restraining order, and evicted by Martin J. Worthington, III, who was both her former boss and ex-future-father-in-law. Arrogance did not impress her.

Thanks for stopping by, and watch for the release of Highland Shift, later this month. Don't forget to check out all the other Six Sentence Sunday entries by clicking here .


  1. Love how this started out all steamy, then reality crashed and brought her back to earth!! ;)

  2. Yeah, Kathleen, reality is a bitch. But somehow, I think Laura has plans for these two. Great Six!

  3. I can describe it like this. There were thughts of possibilities for Elena, but she had to deal with assholes in her life, and reality can live up to expectations under cloud nine.

    Lovely Six!

  4. taps foot impatiently......

  5. Love it, love it, love it...fantastic opener.

  6. Excellent job Laura!! Very intense and well written!


  7. great six! I must say, I've done a head turn from the smell of a man...

  8. Very nice six. Love the background info on what has been going on with her.

  9. Loved it, Laura!! Scortching Heat? I got burned!!:) xo